Friday, April 29, 2022


My kids always enjoyed reading stories as littles, and now, my grandson enjoys it. We love snuggling in with a soft blanket and good book. Today I wanted to share a few children's books we are loving.

You're the Hugs to My Kisses

This book is so fun and it's my grandson's' favorite! It's all about celebrating family and friendships and how important it is to do life together. You'll read matching words like you're the water to my ocean, you're the icing to my cupcake, and you're the answer to my prayer. And each page has so much to look at with the bright colors and busy backgrounds.

You're the Hugs to My Kisses is a book your little one will love! We sure do!

Little One, We Knew You'd Come

This book is precious! The woodland animal parents await the arrival of their little one. Hoping and praying and counting the days until the arrival. Whether your little one has arrived biologically, through adoption, or through foster care, this book will make them feel special as they hear the words, "Little one, we knew you'd come."

Little One, We Knew You'd Come is a lovely book your children will enjoy.

What a cute book! Farmer Dan and his wide variety of farm animals all make one big happy family.  The animals welcome Buttercup, a new cow, but Buttercup isn't so happy to be first. But she eventually learns that she is loved and truly a part of this family.

This Farm is a Family is a wonderful book. If you have adoptive or foster kids, or want to approach the topic with biological kids, this book would be wonderful!

This 100 day devotional by Annie F. Downs is so good! Each day has a Scripture verse, short devotion, and action items to help your child think. Annie helps to equip your kids with the tools they need to overcome fear, find courage, and live the best version of themselves. This would be a great devotional to do as a family!

100 Days to Brave Kids is a great book for kids 8-12. And, Annie has 100 Days to Brave for women too!

These are all wonderful books that I highly recommend. Your kids will love each one!

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