Wednesday, April 6, 2022


 Have you ever wondered what your purpose was? We all have. We wonder why we are here. We wonder what purpose our life has and how will we come to fulfill that purpose. We go about our daily tasks and begin to feel like life is mundane instead of purposeful.

Friend, take a deep breath. If you are breathing, you have purpose.

We all want that one big thing that is meant for our life. Are we to be a missionary and reach third world countries for Jesus? Are we to lead the worship in our church and help people usher the presence of God into the service? Are we to write a book that will change the lives of women all over the world? Are we to start a nonprofit that will save lives of those struggling? Are we to start a business that will set us up for life and give livelihood to others?

Living Your Purpose Today #purpose #kindness #mission #love

All those options are incredible. All are worthy. But what if ...

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