Thursday, May 5, 2022


Do you ever feel like all you do is set goals only to fail? As if you have to continually be working for something bigger and better? Before I began using Powersheets, I felt as if I were constantly setting goals -big and small- and constantly failing. I lived in a constant state of disappointment in myself.

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In A More Beautiful Life, Whitney English shares HEART Goals–a system that starts with what matters most to you, never forcing you to adopt arbitrary goals and rules. The process matters, not just the outcomes. This system frees you from comparison and allows you to be authentically yourself. It helps you gain confidence as you make the progress that comes from having done your best instead of the depressing discouragement that comes from comparing yourself to the performances of others. You won’t have to become someone else to get what you want.

Whitney says, "Goal setting is about getting or achieving something you don't already have. It's a destination -a new house, a better car, a promotion, a marathon finished- as if more is the answer. I came to this realization slowly: for those who already have so much (maybe even too much), more is rarely the answer. Goal living is different. Goal living is about peace of mind and personal internal reward. Goal living is about seeing your life with a fresh perspective. It offers grace, and with it the confidence that you've done your best and are living out your purpose. You won't feel imbalanced or off-center as you pursue one arena of your life, left with a nagging feeling you've forgotten something and will pay for it later."

A More Beautiful Life is a wonderful book! You will be encouraged to stop setting goals and start living! You can pick up a copy of A More Beautiful Life below!

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