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How to Practice Gratitude

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Life can feel like it is overwhelming, and sometimes you just can’t seem to find the joy. We often put ourselves in the position where we focus so deeply on things that aren’t going 100% according to our own plans that we miss the joy elsewhere. 

Yet, there is so much that we can be joyful and grateful for. So if you want to add a little more thankfulness into your every day - read on. 

Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity - Melody Beattie.

What is meant by gratitude? 

Gratitude can come in many forms, but one of the biggest parts is that we look at things more positively. In almost every situation, there are things to be thankful for. As an example, when faced with illness or disease, we can be thankful that we have access to great medical care specialists like oncologistshematologists, therapists, and more. Even when the situation doesn’t feel great, there is space to feel grateful. 

Grateful can also be about a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket. 

Big and small things matter. Gratitude is similar to appreciation but a more general practice we can use all the time. 

Scientists measure gratitude in more than just a feeling; it is a deep appreciation that has a lasting impact. 

Does gratitude matter?

You will find a lot of talk about gratitude in everyone from business moguls to stay-at-home moms, and within the scientific community, they have found that being grateful has a positive lasting impact. 

Looking at your blessings makes it easier to see even more blessings - all of this means you will always look for the good in life. 

How do you practice gratitude? 

Now you know that gratitude can physically and mentally change us, it’s time to learn how you can add it into your daily life. 

Three things 

Every day find three things to be grateful for - and it could be anything. You could be grateful that you heard a fantastic song on the radio, that the weather was good, that you have good health. Choose three things that make you feel grateful. 


If you make space in your day to write about what you have received in terms of gifts, grace, lessons, love, and more, you will have a reminder of all the things that you have the feel good about. 

Consider all of the small moments because that is where the magic is. 


Some of the most basic things we have in our lives we forget to be thankful for. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and more get lost in the everyday hubbub. Being grateful for the sense that has is a very human thing - reminding us that we are here, we are real, and we have these senses that mean we can enjoy everything that life has to offer us. 

Say it

It is important that we pay attention to how we talk to the people around us and ourselves. Take note of the people you know who are naturally grateful for what they have. You’ll notice that they have a style of speaking that is very particular. 

They will often say things like they are fortunate, they live in abundance, they got gifts, and they are blessed. And when other people tell them about good things happening, they will use the same language to describe that too. 

When someone does something good for you, make sure you take the time to tell them what it means to you. A morning coffee, asking how you are, encouragement in your life - say it. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be singing your own praises too much (although you should be celebrated too), but rather for everything and everyone around you instead. 

Do good

What better way to show your gratitude than to do good for others? The idea isn’t so that they will thank you for it, but instead, it is spreading the blessings and joy that you have with others. 

As well as highlighting what you receive, you can also practice gratitude by giving to others. It doesn’t need to be big things; it can be small things. 


See where your gratitude brings you and what you can do with it. Think outside the box and let that positive feeling guide you in a hobby or doing something fun. 

Letting gratitude in, holding on to it, and making sure it grows is something that will change your life. Check out how you can combine gratitude and creativity: Jenifer Metzger: ILLUSTRATED FAITH.

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