Thursday, June 9, 2022


Everything you need to start writing (even if you’re a newbie)
Everything you need to publish your book (even if you don’t know where to start)

The Writer’s Toolkit is here!

Big-name writers, one big package If you could make just one writing purchase this year... Improve your writing, publish your work, and make more money.

Beginner option:

Can you actually make money as a writer?

Absolutely! With a little creativity, writers around the world make a living by doing what they love: That is, putting words down on paper. And the same is possible for you!

In fact, in some ways, I think it’s even easier to get started now than ever, with so many technical tools and networking opportunities available to make the process easier, plus tons of training materials to help you start off on the right writing foot.

But training and courses can be expensive (especially if you haven’t actually published anything yet!), so when I find a good deal, I want to tell every one of my writing friends about it!

Intermediate/advanced writer option:

Because I’ve been writing and publishing for so long, I have seen so many things change in the industry.

And trust me, it’s been a little scary at times. I’ve had to adapt my strategies to reach my target audience. I’ve had to learn new writing formats. I’ve had to creatively adjust to industry changes to keep building my platform and publishing what I produce. My work as a writer looks so different today, but that doesn’t mean writing for a living is too hard.

But it does mean I continually invest in learning about what’s new in the writing world, what’s working now, and what might change in the near future, all while getting even better at my craft.

p>As you’ve probably realized, writing training and courses can be hard on the budget (especially when you’re in the pre-publishing phases), so when I find a good deal, I want to tell everyone about it! Everyone:

And boy, do I have something exciting to tell you about today!

It’s called the Writer’s Toolkit.

The Writer’s Toolkit is a digital collection of trainings and tools to help you improve your writing and finally achieve your writing goals

This is the 2nd edition of the Writer’s Toolkit, and it’s crammed full of more helpful resources than you can imagine!

Plus, when you buy the Writer’s Toolkit, you’ll get access to resources from helpful writers and publishers like:

  • Carol Tice, longtime freelance business writer
  • Marion Roach Smith, former staffer at The New York Times & memoir writing coach
  • Mike Michalowicz, entrepreneur, marketer, and author of 7 respected business books
  • Alexa Bigwarfe, USA Today best-selling author and hybrid publishing house owner
  • Naomi D. Nakashima, famous freelance ghostwriter & book editor
  • Steff Green, multi-six figure author and publishing coach
  • And so many more!

This Toolkit has been curated to give you a writing education that will grow with you as you hit each writing milestone -- at a price that’s too good to miss.

I’ll be back over the next few days to tell you more details about the bundle (because it only lasts for 7 days!), but for now...

Check out the Writer’s Toolkit right HERE.

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