Friday, October 21, 2022


Ever since I was old enough to help, my Mom taught me to make my bed. She taught us the proper way to make the bed when the linens were clean and first being put on and she taught us how to properly make the bed each day. It became part of our daily routine. Beds always got made every morning.

My Mamaw was also one who taught me to make a bed. I always tell my husband that you would think Mamaw had been in the military! She made a bed so tight without a wrinkle or ruffle. The term 'you could bounce a quarter off the sheets,' well, she could.

To this day, I make my bed every single morning. I've taught my kids to make theirs. No matter how clean the bedroom looks, if the bed is unmade, to me, the room looks unmade. So, I make the bed.

One morning several years ago, I got up from my quiet time and went to our bedroom to make the bed and clean our room. I had been praying for my husband during my quiet time, yet, as I began working in our room, I didn't feel as though I should be done. So as I continued on making our bed, I continued to pray for him. As I put his slippers away, I prayed for him. As I tucked the TV remote back in the nightstand, I prayed for him.

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I felt the Spirit so strong, that I went and got the anointing oil and continued praying. I prayed over specifics need. I prayed over his health, his attitude, his energy, his rest, his relationships, his walk with God, everything I could think of, I prayed for.

This has become a blessed time in my morning routine. A time when I feel spiritually connected to my husband, even though he isn't there. It also helps me to not grumble about the task of picking up the bedroom. You can't pray and grumble at the same time!

Sisters, there is great power in a praying wife. God hears our cries.

Is your husband facing a situation? An illness or addiction? A broken relationship? Pray over him. Or maybe he isn't facing a pressing need at this moment. You can and should still pray over him!

Keep your anointing oil in your room. If you don't have any, you can ask your pastor, pick some up at any Christian book store, or if all else fails, you can get regular olive oil at your grocery store. {If you go that route and pick up a bottle at the grocery store, make sure it is olive oil and make sure you immediately pray over it and ask Holy Spirit to bless that oil and anoint it in Jesus name.}

...anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.
James 5:14

Use your anointing oil. Touch a drop to your finger tip. Place your finger on the doorposts of the bedroom, praying over your husband as he comes and goes from the room. Touch his pillow case, praying that he would have restful sleep and health. Touch his slippers, pray that God would bless his feet and that his feet would go where God wants him to go and that his feet would 'bring the Good News' to those he comes in contact with. Touch the remote control, if you have a tv in your bedroom, and pray that God would help your husband to be careful of what his eyes see and ears hear. Touch everything he touches and pray anointing over him.

Make that time of cleaning the bedroom a prayer time for your husband. Make your bed a prayer bed. No longer will the task of cleaning the room and making the bed feel like work. It will become a blessed time of lifting your husband to God. Watch how God is going to work in your husband and in your marriage as you anoint him and lift him in prayer.


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  2. thank you for your article about anointing oil and praying for my husband. I had anointed his head as I prayed over him this evening. his doctor is encouraging us to trust this days of his life to hospice. I will pray tomorrow morning for his slipper said he would be able to continue to stand on his own. please pray with me that he continues to be able to be mobile. He is on hemodialysis. in order for him to remain in our home he has to remain mobile so I can help him go back-and-forth to dialysis and take care of him. Thank you I need to charge a call this evening.


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