Friday, October 28, 2022


It is so wonderful to be comfortable with your husband. You know, that comfortable feeling of knowing each other in every sense of the word. Comfortable in knowing each other's thoughts and ways. Yes, being comfortable is great.

Yet, sometimes we get so comfortable that we forget to say two little words to him. Two words that are so simple, yet so powerful.

Thank you.

Two simple words #marriage #wife #thankyou #gratitude

We simply expect him to do certain things and we begin to take it for granted. We expect him to go to work each day and bring home a pay check. We expect him take are of the lawn, take the trash to the curb on trash day, or put gas in the car. We expect him to play with the kids, help bathe them, or tuck them in. Yes, these are normal day to day activities that he does, sometimes with prompting and sometimes on his own. But hearing a thank you can make all the difference in the world.

When you say thank you to your husband, it makes him feel appreciated and respected. And let's face it, all men want is to feel respected by their wife. They flourish when they are respected.

The great thing is, you can tell him thank you many times a day! Thank him for all he does, little and big. Each day purposely look for things he does to thank him. As you begin to look for reasons, you will begin to see that he really does do a lot of things worthy of your gratitude.

Be intentional about telling your husband thank you.

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  1. This is so very true❤️ But it works both ways and I’ve not heard those words since our wedding😔


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