Wednesday, January 4, 2023


 Seven years ago we began 2016 with a six week series on homemaking. This is a topic very dear to my heart. Now that I am have been a homemaker for 25 years and my daughters are homemakers, I wanted to revisit this series. Please join me over the next six weeks as we discover homemaking God's way.

Throughout my 25 years of homemaking, I've encountered many comments such as, "Oh, you are a homemaker. But do you have a real job?" As well as, "What can you possibly do at home all day?" Or my personal favorite, "You're home all day, you have time to do it." These comments no longer offend me because I know they come from a lack of knowledge.

In years gone by, homemaking was a beautiful thing. Today, people are offended by it. Homemaking is seen a worthless job, or not a job at all. Homemakers are fearful they are not living up to their full potential and outsiders think it's a waste of time.

Here is how I see homemaking: my ministry to my mission field. Homemaking is my calling from God. I am called to minister to and care for my family and my home. You, too, are called to minster to and care for your family and home. Regardless if homemaking is your only job or you also work in the career force as well.

It's not always easy. But as a pastor's wife, I can honestly tell you that ministry is rarely easy. Yet, I have zero doubt in my mind that God called me to this.

Throughout this series, I want to give you hope and help you find joy in your homemaking. I want you to begin to see caring for your husband, children, and home, as a ministry and find purpose. I want you to learn to be a homemaker, God's way.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
Colossians 3:23

Homemaking God's Way: Your Heart - Part 1 #homemaking #homemaker #wife #home #keeperofthehome

Today we will begin our series with working on our own heart. Yes my friend, this is a very serious part of homemaking.

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