Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 Growing up, our girls ministry at church had a motto: Be faithful stewards of your time, money, and talents. We often hear of people talking about being faithful in their money by giving in tithes and offering. We even hear people talking about being faithful in their talents by using them for the glory of God. But what about our time? How can we be faithful in our time? And how does that go with homemaking?

Staying at home, it would be so easy to flip on the TV, sit on the couch, and spend the majority of my day there. It would even be so easy to play on the laptop or iPad or read a book all day, and I can always cruise through social media. But those are not good uses of my time. In fact, too often, they are time wasters.

Homemaking God's Way: Your Time #homemaking #homemaker #keeperofthehome #timemanagement

There have been days where I have been working on the laptop (not doing school with the kids, but ministry work with occasionally scrolling social media) and before I know it, hours have passed by. I look up and very little, if anything, was accomplished in my home. As homemakers, we need to be careful with our time.

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