Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Years ago I read the Shunning series by Beverly Lewis and loved it! Then a movie series came out based on the books, again, I loved it! Now, I am thrilled about the brand new musical!

The Confession Musical based on Beverly Lewis' book The Confession is coming to theaters February 20th and it is so good!

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Christian comedian Chonda Peirce and actor John Schneider are in this movie and are incredible! You will love this movie! You'll laugh, dance, and gasp at all that happens. Make it a family night in the theaters and go see The Confession Musical!

Order your tickets now to see The Confession Musical Movie with John Schneider and Chonda Pierce. You will Sing, Dance, Laugh and Gasp in this new film from Blue Gate Musicals! ONLY IN MOVIE THEATERS ON FEBRUARY 20. Check out the Confession Musical HERE. To enter to win a pair of tickets, click HERE.

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