Wednesday, March 15, 2023



Picture this. You are meeting with a dear friend for lunch and want to bless her with a thoughtful gift. You head to store you know she enjoys. You browse the aisles looking at everything very carefully. Then, you spot it. The thing you know will bring a smile to her face and joy to her heart. It is the perfect gift for her.

You make your purchase and then head home. You carefully wrap the gift and lovingly place a big, beautiful bow on top. As you step back, you smile because you know the smile it will bring to your friend. Excitement bubbles as you enter the café and you spot your friend seated at a table.

You place the wrapped gift in her hand. She says, "Thank you!" and sets it down. But she never opens it. All through lunch the gift sits there, still wrapped. When you rise to leave, your friend never even picks up the gift.

We are that friend.

A Gift For You #HolySpirit #theHolySpirit #TheTrinity

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