Wednesday, May 10, 2023


When my kids were little, I was quite the nervous mama. I would put angel figurines in all their bedroom windows and the noisiest toys we had directly under the window. My thought process was, if someone tried to break into the window, I would hear the angel figurine fall and crash into the noisy toys to alert me of danger. I am dead serious.

Oh dear friend. We have a very real enemy and he is continually coming after our family. However, he isn't coming in through a "booby trapped" window.

Our enemy, the devil, is after our family. He is after our marriage. He is after our kids. He is after us. He comes in through what we allow on our TVs, phones, tablets, books, toys, attitudes, and even people. Sometimes he comes in guns ablaze and there is no mistaking what is taking place. Yet, sometimes he comes in quietly, disguised to the point we don't recognize the danger.

Covering Your Home in Prayer #prayer #home #family #motherhood

It is up to us to be the gatekeeper for our home. To be on alert. To be prayed up.

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