Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 The Bible is more than just another book. It is a real life encounter with our Creator. We often read the Bible as a 2 dimensional book. In her new book, Encounter the 3D Bible, Dr. Susan Michael teaches us how to read the Bible so that it actually comes to life!

Dr. Michael says, "The Bible is not only filled with insights for living a full and meaningful life, but it is inspired by the Holy Spirit -so time spent reading it is time spent in fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit." She teaches how to consider historical context, geographical context, cultural context, the audience, literary context, and so much more.

From the very beginning of Genesis 1 all the way to the end in Revelation 22, we are reading one story connected by a Sovereign God who loves us and desires to connect with us personally. When we can understand that, we can watch the Bible unfold as a personal story written for us.

Encounter the 3D Bible is a must read for new and seasoned believers alike. Grab your copy and watch the Bible come to life!

To enter to win a copy of Encounter the 3D Bible, click HERE.

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