Wednesday, July 26, 2023


We have four dogs in our home. Two precious Dalmatian pups, one senior Puggle, and my son's Black Lab. Three of the four dogs are large dogs, two of them being eighty pounds. All four of the dogs are shedders. Four shedders. Three large shedders. Dog hair is an issue.

I greatly dislike dog hair in my home so I sweep the hard floors and vacuum the carpets literally every single day. There is just no way around it. Two weeks ago my vacuum cleaner quit working. I suspected it was the belt so I went to four different stores in a matter of three days and no one had the correct belt. I looked online and it was going to take a week to get a new belt. Remember my four shedders? Yea, I cannot wait week. So I went to a few more stores, still no belt.

A Regular Cleaning #sin #repentence #forgiveness #christianliving

After one week -I should have just ordered the belt online- I decided to take apart my vacuum cleaner in hopes that maybe the belt wasn't the issue and I could fix it. My original thought was correct, the belt was snapped right in half. Since it was apart, I went ahead and cleaned everything out and went to get a new filter from the cabinet. Wouldn't you know it? Jenifer from last year was smart and bought two belts instead of one, so I had a brand new belt! Whew!

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