Wednesday, July 19, 2023


In Exodus chapter 17 we see the story of the Israelites in battle with the Amalekites. While they battled, Moses stood at the top of the hill. Verse 11 tells us that when Moses raised his hands up, the Israelites were winning. However when his arms grew weary and he put them down, they began losing the battle. Thankfully, Moses had a tribe. Friends that stood by his side and held his arms up when he grew tired. Aaron and Hur held Moses arms up to let him rest so that the Israelites would continue to win the battle.

Do you ever grow tired? Feel alone? Feel like you need someone to come along side you and hold you up? My friend, it is time to find your tribe.

Find someone who will be there to call on when you are struggling. Someone you trust to lift you in prayer. Someone you trust to keep things between the two of you. And someone you can trust to speak truth and life into you, even when it hurts.

Find Your Tribe #friendship #friends

We know that we should always go to God first. He wants us to call on Him in times of trouble, He also wants us to come to Him in times of joy, and even just to sit in His presence. But we can also know, from His Word, that He wants us to call on others too. God didn't create us to do this life alone.

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