Tuesday, August 1, 2023


When my husband and I were children's pastors, we strongly encouraged our parents to have devotional time with their kids at home. As their pastors, yes, it was our job to train and teach them. However, we only had them two hours a week; three at most if they came for midweek service. That leaves 166 hours a week that we had little to no influence in their lives. Parents however, are with their kids far more than a short two hours a week.

Parents have a critical job to do. A job that goes beyond teaching a child to make a bed, brush their teeth, or wash a dish. Parents have a job with eternal value. That is why it is vital for parents to spend time with their kids teaching them about God, praying with them, and reading the Bible with them.

God's Word for Families #family #devotions #familydevotional #GodsWord

That is why I am thrilled to share a new family devotional today. God's Word for Families is a 365 day devotional full of activities to engage kids in daily discipleship.

Each week is broken up into different things for each day:
Sundays: Introduction to the upcoming week.
Mondays: Asks "Why?" to show the purpose behind the Bible study for the week.
Tuesdays: Fun facts and activities to dig deep into Scripture.
Wednesdays: Worship day with a QR code to scan with your phone for a worship song.
Thursdays: Real life application to illustrate the Bible lessons.
Fridays: Discussion to get some good conversations going.
Saturdays: A fun family project!

God's Word for Families #family #devotions #familydevotional #GodsWord

As your family goes through this devotional, you will connect with each other, have great conversations, learn about God and the Word, and have so much fun.

Your kids desperately need to have this time with their parents, a time to come together and see the example of their parents leading their family to God.

God's Word for Families #family #devotions #familydevotional #GodsWord

While this devotional is a year long devotional, you can start it right now! Check out God's Word for Families HERE. To enter to win a copy of God's Word for Families, click HERE.

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