Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Has God ever told you to do something that made no sense to your mind? That went against the grain of the world? He often does that of His people. Tells us to do things that have the world looking at us like we have lost our minds.

God says, "Give your last twenty dollars to that person." The world says, "Save it! You'll need it later!" God says, "Go to a third world country for a week long missions trip." The world says, "Go on a fun vacation instead." God says, "Quit your job and go work here, I have a plan." The world says, "No! Keep climbing that ladder." God says, "Give your tithe to the church." The world says, "Buy this instead."

Let's Be Crazy #faith #christianliving

The world counters everything God tells us, striking fear, confusion, and doubt in our hearts. We lose faith in God's plan because of the unknown.

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