Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Recently I got a God sized lesson in praying for my enemies.

My son, daughter (in-love), and grandson do not attend church with us, they attend a different church. Over the last few years I've had people ask if that bothers me, not having our kids in church with us. The answer is always absolutely not! What matters to my husband and I is that our kids are in a Bible believing church, not that they are in our church.

Several weeks ago, my daughter (in-love) told me that someone came to her and told her that since they weren't close to their parents anymore, this person wanted to step into that role for them. This person assumed that just because we don't attend the same church, there wasn't a relationship! This person assumed that we weren't there for our kids, that we didn't talk to them. I immediately felt like this person was trying to pull my kids and grandson from me and I was livid

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