Wednesday, November 29, 2023


 Our walk with God is a very personal decision and consistent Bible reading and prayer is a spiritual discipline. It is something that we have to determine is important and decide that we want to spend time with God and we want to grow in our walk with Him.

Even after we make the decision that we want to grow as women of the Word and we want to be consistent in our Bible reading and prayer life, it doesn't mean it is going to come easy every day. Life gets busy. Life gets messy. Our seasons change. Sometimes we lack desire or discipline. And sometimes we need a push.

Iron Sharpens Iron

This is where our sisterhood comes in. God did not intend for us to live a life alone. He did not intend for us to never have support. We need each other. We need sisters in Christ to travel our faith journey with. When life gets busy, we need a sister to remind us to be in the Word. When life gets hard and we are facing a difficult season, we need a sister to ask if we've been in the Word. I'll say it again, we need each other.

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