Friday, December 1, 2023


When my children were little we loved reading story books, especially at Christmas time. There was something so beautiful and so precious about reading a Christmas story under the lights of the Christmas tree! Now, I get to do the same with my grandsons and I love it!

Once Upon the Very First Christmas

This year our favorite Christmas book is Once Upon the Very First Christmas. Rory Feek has written such a beautiful story about the first Christmas. As we read the pages of the Christmas story, we see children from school wearing precious homemade costumes, acting out the story.

Once Upon the Very First Christmas

This story is such a delight! Your children will love hearing the message of Jesus' birth as the beautiful illustrations draw their attention on every page. My grandsons' loved reading Once Upon the Very First Christmas and your little ones will too.

Grab your copy HERE and bring the birth of Jesus to life!

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