Wednesday, January 3, 2024


We are three days into 2024 and we are pumped! We shout the mantra: This Is My Year! We make our plans. Set our goals. Fill our minds with a renewed determination.

Then as the year progresses, our plans are shoved to the side, our goals are placed on a back burner somewhere, and our determination fades away. Before long, we haven't made any changes and decide, it isn't our year after all.

This is my year....or is it?

The problem lies when we fail to seek the Lord and His strength. We set goals and come up with our word of the year, and don't get me wrong, those are good things. I have a word of the year and eight areas I have set goals in. Wanting growth is good. Wanting change can be good. But we need to first seek the Lord. Then we need to see His strength.

Seek the Lord and His strength;
seek His face always.
1 Chronicles 16:11 CSB

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