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 All the Israelites complained about Moses
and Aaron, and the whole community told
them, “If only we had died in the land of Egypt,
or if only we had died in this wilderness! Why
is the Lord bringing us into this land to die by
the sword? Our wives and children will become
plunder. Wouldn’t it be better for us to go back
to Egypt?” So they said to one another, “Let’s
appoint a leader and go back to Egypt.”
Numbers 14:2-4 CSB

If you are following along with our Bible reading plan, we are currently in the book of Numbers. Today we read of the Israelites complaining, again. This time they threatened to push Moses out and find a new leader to take them back to Egypt, where they were slaves. When Joshua and Caleb stood up to them, they threatened to stone the men.

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God's anger burned towards the Israelites for their disobedience and unfaithfulness. He decided strike them down with a plague. But Moses went to God on their behalf. God decided to let them live, yet, because of their disobedience and unfaithfulness, He took away their blessing of the promised land.

The Lord responded, “I have pardoned them as you
requested. Yet as I live and as the whole earth is filled
with the Lord’s glory, none of the men who have seen
My glory and the signs I performed in Egypt and in the
wilderness, and have tested me these ten times and did
not obey Me, will ever see the land I swore to give their
ancestors. None of those who have despised Me will see it.
Numbers 14:20-23 CSB

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