Wednesday, March 20, 2024


Think of this. You ask your husband to take the garbage out and he takes the bag out of the can, ties it up, and takes it outside. That is where he stops. He doesn't put a new bag into the can. A job only partially done.

Or maybe you give your daughter instructions to wash, dry, and put away the dishes. She washes and dries the dishes, but leaves them sitting on the counter. She followed the first bit of instruction, but she only partially obeyed.

Or maybe you tell your son complete all of his homework. He does his math and history, but does not complete his science homework. He did part of what he was told, but he only partially obeyed.

Partial Obedience Isn't Enough

I am sure you can relate to these situations. I know I can. You give instruction or ask for help with something and only part of what you asked for is completed. We know that partially doing something isn't completing the job. We also know that partial obedience from our children isn't really obedience at all.

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