Wednesday, May 1, 2024


In the week leading up to Mother's Day, I always see countless memes making rounds on social media that all center around what moms want. Included are things like sleeping all day, breakfast in bed, staying in jammies in the house alone while watching movies, a clean house cleaned by someone other than you, and spa days. Yet the reality is, that probably didn't happen for very many of us. After all, Mother's Day is on a Sunday (Seriously! I vote we move Mother's Day and Father's Day to Saturdays! Who's with me?).

Your day will probably go something more like: wake up super early, get ready for church, rush to get the kids ready for church, something will go wrong because it always does on Sunday morning, then run late for church despite your best effort to be on time. Lounging around probably won't happen. Then you'll probably miss your Sunday nap in order to spend time with the family. A clean house? Probably not because really, who's house stays clean through the busyness of Sundays! And the spa day or other expensive gifts? That might not have happened either.

Maybe Mother's Day is always hard for you. Gathering with family can sometimes lead to a disagreement with a relative, kids still fight on Mother's Day, and sometimes we feel the disappointment of not getting the gift you hope for or you feel like your husband just doesn't understand Mother's Day.

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