Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's All How You Look At It

It is all about perspective.  Things happen to us and we can easily and quickly turn angry, sad or bitter.  If we allow it.  This summer we went on a field trip to a water park.  While playing, someone stole some things of my daughter's.  She was pretty upset.  At first so was I.  However when I stopped to think about it, it really was not worth getting angry about.  The cash they got was only a few dollars, the clothing they took, they dropped in the restrooms so we recovered that, and the Ipod they stole was full of only Christian music so they will be witnessed to.  Plus my dear daughter learned a valuable lesson on not bringing those things with her.  Just this weekend I was doing some major cleaning in my house.  While I do clean a lot and I am pretty picky about how I clean, that does not mean I actually enjoy doing it.  But this day I just did not want to be upset about doing it.  So before I cleaned, I prayed and thanked God for our house and belongings that I have to clean.  I also thanked Him for my wonderful family that helps me make the messes I have to clean.  Then later in the day a dear friend pointed out another blessing.  The fact that I have the physical ability to clean and work.  Wow!  Praise God!  Praise Him that I have a house, belongings, a dear family and the physical strength to do what I have to do. You know what?  I did not mind cleaning one tiny bit that day.  I got done what needed to be done and was in a pretty good mood about it! 

When we get upset at the sink full of dirty dishes, praise God you had food to eat!  When we are too tired to get up and go to work, praise God for your job and ability to do that job!  When we get upset that the oil needs changed in the car, praise God you have car!  God blesses us in so many ways.  If we become angry, sad or bitter about things, then we are not noticing the blessings.  Before getting upset about something, find the blessing in it. 


  1. Amen! We have proper perspective when our eyes are fixed firmly on Him!

  2. Wow Jenifer, thank you so much for such a wonderful word of encouragement. God spoke straight to my heart.
    Today's been one of those days, where I just wanted to crawl into bed and not have to worry about any of my responsibilities @ home. LOL
    But Thankfully, we survived Homework, dinner, a 2 year old's tantrum, dishes and the rest of the nightly routines! God is good and yes we should be thankful for everything because He is good and has given us many simple pleasures that we shouldn't take for granted.
    Blessings to you!


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