Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Are You Shouting For?

"Sing to Him a new song, play skillyfully and shout for joy!" Psalm 33:3

Kansas City has been known for having the best sports fans around.  Even on days there is not a game, Kansas City fans can be caught wearing their favorite team colors or t-shirts or hats.  Today after church we went out to lunch and the restaurant had many tvs with the Kansas City Chiefs playing as well as other teams.  Every so often you heard clapping, cheering and even shouting.  Now I am not a football fan myself, but when my Kansas Jayhawks began basketball season I get pretty excited!  It amazes me how excited people get over their favorite sport.  Plan big parties, pay big time money to go stand at a game for three hours, tailgate, even schedule things around "the big game."  When a ref makes a bad call, we actually get angry and yell at the tv!  We high five everyone, strike up conversations with strangers who might be wearing a team logo, and talk about the game for days to come. 

What about your walk with God?  Do you schedule things around your quiet time with God?  Do you talk about the awesome worship service or inspiring sermon for days to come?  Do you display your Bible like you do a team logo?  Do you shout praises to God the way you shout for your team?  When the Spirit moves in church do you stand up, clap and shout as you do at a game?  If we get more excited over a ball game than we do for God...something is wrong.  So many people sit quietly in church afraid to let go and shout to God, but then go to a game and easily shout for their team.

What about the Israelites?  They were told to shout.  But what if they were too afraid to shout for fear they might offend someone or people would think they are crazy?  What if they would have simply walked up to the wall of Jericho and quietly asked that it fall?  Do you think it would have fallen?  Probably not.  No the were shouting!  Shouting for God! 

It is okay to enjoy a good ball game, bad ones too for that matter.  But our loudest shouts, our highest praise, and our greatest excitement should be saved for our God. 


  1. Thank you for this one. It is amazing how people set in church so calm but they sure get excited about the games. The Lord deserves the shouts, hand clapping, and the raising of arms so much more than a sport. Thank you so much!!


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