Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Memorize the Word

"I have hidden Your Word in my heart..." Psalm 119:11

Last week I decided to work with my children on memorizing a couple of scriptures.  Imagine my surprise and complete joy when they already had my two choice verses memorized!  This mama's heart swelled with pride and love for her little sweeties!

A dear friend of ours has some problems with her memory.  She can remember things from the past, but it is hard for her to remember more recent things.  But let me tell you, she can rattle off scripture!  She shared with me that as a child she memorized so much of the Bible that it has never left her.  So even when she struggles with more recent memory, she knows the Word of God!

It is good for us to memorize scripture.  When we read the Word and memorize what it says, it can bless us in many ways.  When we or someone we know struggle with something, a scripture verse we have hidden in our heart can comfort us and remind us of God's love and presence.  We can also be more aware of false teachings when we know the Word of God. 

Memorizing can be hard.  Figure out how it is easiest for you to memorize and use that for scripture.  Maybe it is saying or writing it repeatedly.  Maybe you write it and place it in the places you look the most.  However you easily memorize, commit to memorizing the Word of God.  Hide His Word in your heart, you will be blessed!

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