Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Our church has been going through a remodel.  And let me tell you, I am so excited!  It is coming along so beautifully!  Our church family has worked hard and we are all looking forward to getting into our freshly remodeled sanctuary and worshipping together.

This remodel has me thinking.  Does my life need a remodel too?  Does my private worship time need an overhaul?  Just like we went through the church building and took out old flooring and lighting, do I need to take out things that are unnecessary in my life?  Anything in my life that causes me to look away from God even for a moment, needs to be thrown out whether it is tv, music or maybe an addiction we have held onto. 

We should take a look at our quiet time with God.  Is it at its best?  Are we devoting enough time in our day to praying and listening to God?  Are we spending time worshipping and reading our Bible each day?  What about witnessing, are we doing that? 

Today take a look at your life.  Do you need a spiritual remodel?  Pray and ask God to show you things in your life that you need to change.  What needs to be taken out or what do you need to add.  As God reveals these changes to you, make a serious commitment to follow through with your remodel.  Just as our church remodel is a beautiful thing, God's spiritual remodel for our life will be beautiful!


  1. Oh so True and that hits home THANKS

  2. I think if we were honest with ourself, we would ALL realize that a little remodeling might be in order.

  3. Thanks for this. God has been doing some remodeling this morning and it's exciting. He loves me, Oh how He loves me!


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