Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet little Blessings

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Last week I explained that we have been going through a lot lately.  Busyness, allergies and financial burdens.  On Friday, I was determined to have joy despite my circumstances and to have complete faith in God to meet my needs. 

Well friends, I almost missed His blessing!  I have two sweet sisters going through very similar things right now.  They both, in the same day, happened to receive a blessing.  Because I had been praying and believing for them and because they are such good friends, I was so happy for them.  Not once was I jealous or hurt, because I still believed God could meet my need.  Well something was said that led one to believe that I also received a blessing that day.  When she asked me I said no nothing has happened here, but I still have joy and have faith!  Just as I said that I felt God stir my soul.  He had blessed me that day.  We have such a big need right now that I was looking for a big blessing.  I didn't even see the little blessing.  I missed it!  So I had to go back and tell my friend that yes God had given us a blessing! 

Then on Saturday when I saw the other friend, I was telling her the story and she told me I had received another blessing as well.  My husband was not supposed to work the end of last week because there was no work to be done.  Then at the last minute on Thursday, they called and told him to come in on Friday.  When he told me, I said praise God then left it at that.  I didn't even realize it was another blessing! 

Don't be too busy looking for the big blessings you think God should send you and miss out on His little blessings. Remember God knows our needs and promises to meet them according to His glorious riches. Our needs may be different than what we think.  So I want to challenge you today to look for the little blessings all around you. 


  1. What a lovely story. The small blessings are great ones also. We should never overlook those. You are such a dedicated woman. I know the Lord will continue to bless you as you go through your day.

  2. I've been in your boat...too many times to count...needing a BIG blessing from God. All too often He send those little blessings...much like He sends those little whispers in our ear. Lord, help me to see ALL Your blessings...not just the big ones!

  3. Amen sister, I don't ever want to miss God in my day, let alone his small blessings. He and His blessings are everwhere we just have to see Him. Love you :-)

  4. God is so good! He always provides! I want eyes to see His provision everyday. Thanks for posting this.


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