Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want To Be Joseph

I have been reading about Joseph the past week.  This is one of my favorite Bible stories.  I also enjoy watching the animated movie with my kids.  While reading, something really hit me.

Joseph's brothers laughed at him all the time, they threw him in a ditch and they sold him.  Oh how hurtful!  The pain of knowing you will probably never, ever see your beloved family again, the pain of knowing your brothers dislike you so much they did this to you, and the fear of knowing you might not even live!  Then he gets to Egypt and is a slave, then sent to prison for something he never even did.  I hate to say it, but I think I would be bitter and angry.

"'I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold into slavery in Egypt.  But don't be upset, and don't be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place.  It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives."  Genesis 45:4-5

"Don't be afraid of me.  Am I God that I can punish you?  You intended to harm me but God intended it all for God.  He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people."  Genesis 50:19-20

Joseph was not angry, hurt or bitter.  Oh I am sure sitting at the bottom of the pit waiting for something unknown, he was hurt or confused.  But he gave that to God.  He saw that even though bad things happened, God had a purpose in it.  He was in such a position that he could have ruined his brothers.  But he didn't.  He took care of them and loved them.

I want to be like Joseph.  I want to look past the bad and see what God is doing.  Sometimes our life can feel off, even chaotic.  But God is at work.  God has bigger plans.  Let's try to be like Joseph.  Let's let go of the anger, hurt, bitterness and confusion.  Let's let God finish His work.

Sweet Blessings~

Sanctus Real - Whatever You're Doing


  1. I love the story of Joseph, I do want to be like him, letting go of all the hurt, bitterness,anger, and confusion and by being like him we know God is at work in our lives. What a wonderful feeling. Thanks for a great post.

  2. The story of Joseph amazes me too. He had the faith to see that God has a plan, even though it didn't make sense. I want to be like Joseph too!

  3. I LOVE that song, it was one of the songs that made me realize God was working on me during the dark days. I love this post, I want to be Joseph too, give it all to God and remain faithful, persevere and still find love and forgiveness in your heart. Love it, thanks!

  4. looking past the bad to see what God is doing is so important. thanks!!

  5. Wonderful post, and song Jenifer! The kids and I recently finished reading through Genesis and they loved that story as well. May we all find the strength and courage to be like Joseph and give all our hurt, anger and fear to God!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. I agree, I want to be like Joseph, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing, and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well: www.nocondemnation81.blogspot.com

    Have a blessed day!

    In Christ,

  8. Dakota, Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I will check your site out. Blessings.

  9. Just stopping by from Top Mommy Blogs and wanted to tell you that you are a great writer. I love your devotional thoughts!


  10. Jamie, thank you for your kind words! Blessings!

  11. Wow! Your last statement hit me...about life being chaotic. Today at work someone came in and told me I had a flat tire...I was like Ok thanks! A co-worker asked me why I wasn't more upset or freaking out. I just looked at her and said, "A flat tire is a very small thing in the course of a day in the Morrison household."
    Thinking back, maybe I should've said something else, but they know my testimony and that I trust in God for all my needs. I'm hoping I showed just a little, bitty-bit of a Joseph attitude today :-)

  12. Unbeliveable! I just sent our Mens group home last week with the assignment to read Genesis 37-50. We are looking at Men of the Bible. God turned rejection, slavery, and imprisonment into the manager of Egypt! He can do more than we can ask or imagine!


  13. I am reading right along with you Jenifer and I also felt like this story was about an amazing forgiveness that can only come from God. And, the other huge lesson for me was to not get caught up in my circumstances because there is a purpose behind it all that will be revealed in His time. Great post and LOVE that song by Sanctus Real... they are my favorite band!

  14. Being like Joseph. Me too. I am sure being thrown in a pit and being laughed at would end in a tantrum for me. I would be so hurt, it would cloud my judgement and then God couldnt use me! I love that song!! I love Sanctus Real!!:)


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