Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Look What The Lord Has Done!

What has the enemy stolen from you?  Has he stole your joy?  Your marriage?  Finances?  Go to the enemy's camp and take it back!  Put the enemy under your feet! 

Lindell Cooley
Enemy's Camp/Look What the Lord Has Done

Sweet Blessings~


  1. I love that song, the enemy has tried time and again to destroy my family, my marriage and my life, but I am still on the winning side. That is why I love my Lord so much, he offers such a sweet, peaceful life.
    Thanks for this song, I have really needed it this week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I like that song. Yes, satan steals so much from us, if we let him. We just need to let him know he isn't getting by with it. Thanks for reminding me, I can take it back. Blessings and love you.

  3. I haven't listened to the song yet, but I SO know where you're coming from with this thought. I was just talking with a friend about this very thing yesterday! Our happiness and praise is a target/threat for the enemy, but we have to stand firm in what the Lord has already done! It's not for the enemy to take.
    Be blessed,

  4. Satan does not rest at trying to take us down! I want to always be on guard protecting all the God has given me and fighting for the peace that He's promised me! My God is bigger and stronger and gives me the courage to rebuke the devil!

  5. Amen! It's time to get fighting mad. We are in a war and I am NOT going to let the enemy win. I'm on the winning side.

  6. Amen sister! He is out to steal, kill and destroy the children of God. I for one don't plan to let him have me or my family!!

  7. Amen! Love the lyrics to this one... I hadn't heard it before!

    Have a Blessed Day!


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