Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doing Good

I have talked about this a lot lately.  Not just at Sweet Blessings, but with family, friends and church.  But I really believe God is calling us out to do good.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

Our good deeds and kind words touch people.  We may never see the end result of our actions but every time we do something for someone, we are planting a seed, we are showing the love of God.

Yesterday I had to run to the store and while standing in the check out lane I smelled something really good.  It was the cashier.  She had on a lovely perfume.  So I gave her a very small compliment.  I really didn't think anything of it, I was just stating my opinion.  Her response was, "Thank you, but I don't feel so good."  I could see God opening a door.  I asked what was wrong and we chatted for a moment.  I promised to pray for her and even wrote down her request and name, and I have prayed several times for her.  I may or may not ever see her again.  I may never know if she is healed.  But, by the tears in her eyes, I do know she was touched and a seed was planted.

People everywhere are hurting.  As Christians, we are to be a light in this dark and hurting world.  Our positive attitudes, kind words and random acts of kindness offer that Light.

What have you done today to shine the Light of Christ on someone?  What will you do?

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Spreading His love doesn't have to be a big production! Just a small deed, a kind word, a comforting gesture can do so much. How wonderful that you were able to plant that seed!

  2. We may never know how our words will effect someone. We think it's just something small, but God can use it to do something BIG. Great encouragement for today!

  3. Hi Jenifer - this is so true. I believe this whole-heartedly. I have benefited from others planting seed in my life and I want others to feel the same. So, I will be planting more seeds from today, trusting in God to water them
    Great post
    God bless

  4. Yes, just a small greeting or encouragement, even online, can mean the world to someone. I try to not get so caught up in myself that I don't look out for others. Thank you for this reminder.

  5. I have tears now. I won't get into why.. but tears. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Amen! What a great reminder to open our eyes and see the needs around us! Good job!


  7. What a great post! I always try to remember to say something (it may not be much) but like you said, we never know who is hurting or why. Papa is so much better than me when it comes to talking, I don't think he has ever met a stranger. And again like you said, we may never see the end results but it could have meant the world to someone when we say something to them. I am so glad you made the comment to the woman, she certainly needed someone to care, maybe you will see her again and be able to talk to her.

    Blessings to you and love you.

  8. Small acts of kindness can go far. We never know how many of our actions (that seem small to us) are pivotal in someone elses life.

  9. I can't think of anything I have done today that is good, other than lending a friend a listening ear, I know she really needed that.
    This was a lovely post, thanks Jenifer, and you are so right, there are so many hurting people around us. Sometimes we simply need to ask God to open our eyes and our hearts to it. I will try really hard to do that tomorrow.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. It takes just a moment out of our busy lives to do a kindness for someone else that could change their lives forever. Doors are opened, eyes are opened, and hearts are opened to the gospel when we show kindness to others!

  11. Great thoughts .... being light and salt on the earth means bringing his glory and flavour to everything we do.... wherever we are and with whomever we find ourselves. A good reminder to take the everyday and ordinary moments to do so.


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