Monday, July 25, 2011

Media Monday - Media and Our Parenting

It is Marriage Monday over at Woman to Woman Ministries.  Join us as we discuss Taking Care of His Wife!

Continuing our social media series, today we will talk about how social media affects our parenting and children.

We have discussed that we are a very "connected" world.  It is not just adults.  Everywhere you look teenagers and children are also "connected" with Wii, Xbox, DS, iPods, iPads, and cell phones.

I remember taking family vacations as a kid.  We had books or toys to keep us occupied on the long drive.  We even played car games, like finding the letters of the alphabet.  We entertained ourselves or each other.  These days, we do not know how to entertain ourselves.  Kids stick their ear buds in to hear their own iPod, DS or DVD and media is entertaining them.

My husband often tells me of times when he was a young boy.  In the summertime he would leave right after breakfast to play baseball or ride bikes with the other neighborhood boys.  They stayed outside playing hard all day until the street lights came on at night.  But today, children have to be pushed out the door.  They would much rather sit inside and stay connected.

As we have said, with any social media, there is nothing wrong with media in and of itself. But like with all things, we need to have rules in place and we need to use it in moderation.

In our home, we have a rule of no electronics until after lunch time. This means no computer, tv, ipod, video games, anything. In the morning they must play outside, with toys, games or do a craft. We checked into getting a DVD player for our van. After much discussion we decided against it. We feel our kids need to learn to entertain themselves and connect with each other and us. We do let them take their DS and iPods on long trips but encourage them to not use them the entire time.

I encourage you to discuss this with your spouse and pray together about how you can keep your kids involved and interacting with the family.  Agree together on rules you can set into place and inform the kids of your rules.

Help your kids learn to unplug and spend face to face time with the family.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. It's so hard to unplug anymore. But it is very important to disconnect from the world and spend time together as a family. Great advice.

  2. Right now since my kids are still little I don't have problems with the kids being plugged in but I think it's important for John and I to unplug once in a while. It's good to be without the cell phone once in a while ;) great post!

  3. Hi Jenifer - great post. I think today, with the kids, its about being balanced with the use of it all. Like you say - no electronics b4 lunch time. This way other stuff also gets focus.
    God bless

  4. Your ideas sound wonderful, I have to heartily agree with all of them. Life is so different now and it doesn't have to be if parents will be very intentional about their media rules.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. As the boys have gotten older, this is a subject we've spent much time and effort on as of late. We're very careful to limit their "connected" time, and to keep their interests diversified as much as possible.

    Great post!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. During school my kids are allowed 2 30 min. computer sessions a day and very minimal TV... and only after school is done. It can get out of control in the summer!! And we made that same decision about a DVD player in the cars. We don't have a DS yet, but my 9 year old is now asking for one! They get to play games on our phones in the car occasionally, but that's it. It's tough because we are a computer family for sure and into technology, but we don't want our kids to have to plug in to be entertained as you said. I also remember leaving the house when I was a kid and coming back at sunset. Things are just so different for us... maybe I'm just more paranoid than my parents were because there are so many bad people doing things to kids these days that we don't let them wander that far off. So finding things for them to do right here in the house or near the house can be a little challenging. Technology is just so easy... that's also a mega red flag to me! Thanks for this, another great post!


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