Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Beauty & Counting My Blessings

I hate the tv.  He loves tv.

I love to read.  He hates to read.

I love to sit still in nature.  He is adhd and cannot sit still.

I love sweets.  He loves meat.

My husband and I are so very different.  We are night and day really.  But there are some things that we need to be in full agreement on.

To read more, join me at Woman to Woman for Marriage Monday.

God has greatly blessed me.  He is so good and always faithful.  I want to count some of those blessings today.
  1. Friday night campouts with my family.
  2. New friends for my kiddos.
  3. Church family that is willing to get out and work in the community.
  4. Fried green tomatoes.  
  5. Warm and yummy brownies.
  6. Sunday afternoon naps.
  7. New opportunities God has brought me to through blogging.
  8. Kids memorizing the Ten Commandments.
  9. Pumpkin scented candles.
  10. HGTV for those times I do decide to watch tv.
What are you thankful for today?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Hi Jenifer - yesterday I woke up a bit down so decided to write down what I am grateful/thankful for. Great way to change one's attitude.
    God bless

  2. Beautiful picture, Jenifer! And great list, especially the last item. ;)

  3. beautiful blessings, words, and pics! Love your heart!

    Thanks for linking...


  4. The only problem I have with HGTV is that I always want to change something about my house when the show is over!!;) I love that and House Hunters! I'm with you though, I prefer to read over TV watching..heading over to read the rest!

  5. Friday night campouts sound like so much fun! I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon nap yesterday too! :) HGTV is so full of awesome ideas. Love it. Wonderful list of gifts!

  6. Wonderful list Jenifer :) Fried green tomatoes sound so yummy... that is probably the only fried thing I've never had!

  7. Your picture is beautiful! I love pumpkin scented candles too.

  8. Jenifer,

    #4 does not sound the least bit tasty, but #6 is so delicious. Praying that God open doors no man can open and continue to bring you opportunities through this blog.


  9. Thank you for linking up! I love this picture!

  10. Visiting from Ann's tonight. Lovely list and I too love pumpkin scented candles and yummy brownies. Have a blessed day

  11. Pumpkin scented candles and a warm and cozy home are amongst my top ten. Oh and for a beautiful sunny day with a blue, blue sky. Today was cool but gorgeous! God is SO GOOD!!!
    Hugs, Cindy


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