Thursday, November 10, 2011

He Is All We Need

I saw this picture making its way on Facebook this week and it really touched me.  Recently we were going through a rough time and it felt like we were losing everything.  But my husband and sweet sister both reminded me, if we lose everything, it is really okay, because we still have God.  That is all we need.  I would rather be homeless wearing rags and have God by my side, than to live in a mansion with all I could want and not have God.  He is all we need friends.  We don't have to "keep up with the Joneses."  We just need God.

Today don't focus on what you are missing out on.  Don't think about what you want.  Praise God for what you have.  Praise Him for never leaving your side.  He is all we need ever.

Recently I was asked to review an e-book by author Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement.  When I first opened the downloaded book to start reading, my heart stopped.  Again?  Really?  "Yelling, The Cause, The Causality, The Cure."  I have shared many times my own personal struggle with being a yelling mom and this book was another confirmation.  Okay, God, I am listening.

Lorrie shares how to stop the cycle and lower our voice.  She tells us how to recognize why we yell and how to watch out for those triggers.  She says this, "Look at it this way, if it isn't life-threatening, if the house is not ablaze, if it is not time to call 911, or if the child you are yelling at is not half a mile away, then yelling is the wrong choice and not worth the cost."

I encourage you, if you have ever struggled with yelling, even if it is not your precious little ones, check out Lorrie's e-book. You will be encouraged.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Jenifer, there is a song by Kutless that speaks to my heart every time. I wrote out the words - -and even as I was writing them out, I just wept over the faithfulness of our Jesus.
    Prayers for you ~ Carol

  2. Hi Jenifer - we have also been going through some of that thinking on and off due to some circumstances, and the scripture that has sustained me is in Job where he says, "yet though He slay me, I will serve the Lord" What you say is so true, if you have nothing, but have the Lord, you have it all. I have found too, that when you give what you think you are going to lose to the Lord, He restores it in abundance! Its to release it first!
    God bless precious friend


    I never thought I would be a yelling-mama... until I started yelling.

    I try not to... every day.

    I will check out this e book for sure!

    Thanks, Traci

  4. Oh boy, I used to be a yelling mom. I don't know if the yelling has stopped because I've grown or because my children have. ;) This book sounds like a really useful tool.
    I really believe God is speaking to us about seeking Him above all else. It just came up again in our Bible study last night. Jesus is all we need!

  5. GIVE ME JESUS! When I have less, it is certainly true that I am so much closer to Him! We (the Evatt's) have hit some hard times as of late, but God is so faithful. We don't have much in terms of this world right now, but we DO have Jesus, and He is more than enough. Thank you for your honesty! "While traveling in life, make this your goal; keep your eyes on the doughnut and not the hole!" (now, that's a post in the making!) Love you! Praying for you!

  6. I used to be a yeller and I still talk louder than I need to most times. I say it's because I can't hear, but it's usually because so much is going on around me with 3 boys they can't hear me unless I'm loud! Maybe I should try to talk really soft like the Duggar Mama does and they'll listen?

  7. You are so right, God is all we need.
    That sounds like a good book!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Jenifer,

    That is an absolutely beautiful picture. I never understood that statement, "Jesus is all we need", that was until the moment when He was all I had, and I realized that was more than enough.


  9. Jenifer - beautiful post. I have been there in those tough times, afraid of losing everything. Yet I realized that even if I lost all my wordly possessions, I would still have everything, because I have Jesus.

    We just can't lose when we have Him.


  10. Thanks you for your post, Jenifer. It is really true, when if we had Him, we have everything. Recently, I just experienced the very situation and once He became my all, then all I need He fulfilled. Amazing love! I believed now after these years you experienced Him more and no more a yelling mom but the one who would spend more time before Him and talked to him your everything. Be still, For I am God. Let us be encouraged all our,life.

  11. Thank you for this. I needed to read this and because you posted it, I am reminded of the fact that He is all I need. God bless you ❤


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