Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Real Thirst Quencher

When you are thirsty, what do you do?

You get a drink.  Of course.

Do you read a book about getting a drink?  Do you listen to a radio message on getting a drink?  Do you read a blog about getting a drink?

No, you go to the source, get a drink and have your thirst quenched.

When you are thirsty for God, what do you do?

Do you read a book?  Listen to a radio message or preaching message?  Do you read a blog?

These things are not bad.  In fact, they are good.  They are often very helpful and encouraging.  They can give you a new outlook or remind you of a truth you once knew.  But they will not quench your thirst.

When you are thirsty for God, go to God.  Go to the source. The Real Thirst Quencher.  Spending time reading the Word, praying, worshipping, just being in the presence of God is the only way to quench that thirst.

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Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Great point Jenifer! While all those resources can certainly open our hearts to receive Him more and encourage us in our Walks, we need to go directly to Him for that fulfillment!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Great truth, Jenifer. We must be careful to get our thirsts filled from the true Source. Then all these other sources can supplement what we received from Him.

  3. Amen Jenifer, we have access to the well, we should just drink right from it. I agree all of the other is good too as long as it makes you even more thirsty for God himself.

  4. So true! Thanks for the good reminder!

  5. You definitely hit the nail on the head - go to the source. Thank you for timely reminders!

  6. Such a great reminder!

  7. Jenifer,

    Amen!! I always know when I am not spending enough in the Word because I start to feel stale, I love the feeling of what a nice long drink of some scripture can do.

    Blessings Jenifer.

  8. So true! I know that when I drink in Jesus presence, spend time there to worship and love on Him there, I know that a substitute will never do. Because no substitute will do once you are filled to over flowing with His Spirit. No Pepsi, no juice, nothing else will do, it's the pure living water that satisfies us and only that.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. I love it! Great simple truth! Thanks for this post.


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