Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There Is Power In Prayer

Friends, there is power in prayer!  I have experienced the power of prayer many times my life.  A few months ago, I shared with you about my son's baseball teammate who was injured while preparing for a game.  Through the prayers of many Christians, what could have been a horrible baseball injury turned out to be something minor.  There is power in prayer.

Last Thursday my husband injured his back.  He was hardly able to walk at all and kept having back spasms.  Friday morning he went to the chiropractor and felt better.  After only thirty minutes, he moved just right and threw his back out again, but this time it was worse.  So we went back to the chiropractor and  Jeremy was given another adjustment.  We then went home.  As soon as we got out of the car to walk into the house, his back slipped out yet again.  He was in so much pain.  He didn't want to go back to the chiropractor yet again, so he went in the house to relax before a church event that evening.  This event was a three hour children's night in (parents night out) that Jeremy and I were running.  We had to set up games, crafts, and more.  Jeremy barely made it to church, he was in so much pain.

Earlier in the day I had texted my sweet sisters asking for prayer for Jeremy.  Friends, the moment, and I mean the very instant, that kids started to show up for our kids night in, Jeremy's back loosened up and he was pain free!  It was miraculous! There is power in prayer.

For twenty years my my mom has lost her voice annually.  She spends anywhere from six weeks to, this year being the longest, thirteen weeks with no voice.  She has been to numerous doctors who have given her different diagnosis and medications, but none have ever prevented it from happening again.  This year she lost her voice not only once for thirteen weeks, but a second time for seven weeks.  A total of twenty out of fifty-two weeks unable to speak.  When she lost her voice this fall, our group of sweet sisters daily held her in prayer not only that God would heal her this time, but that she would have answers for this ongoing condition.  My mom felt that she needed to purchase a humidifier for her home.  This past Saturday she did just that.  After only two hours, yes two hours my friends, her voice came back! We all truly feel that this is the permanent answer.  There is power in prayer.

Does God answer every single prayer with a yes?  No.  But He hears every single prayer.  He does answer every single prayer.  It may not be in our own way and in our own time, but He does answer.  My mom would have loved to be able to have her voice back and be rid of this problem twenty years ago. God wasn't ready for that.  My husband would loved to have had his back in place and been pain free to set up and prepare for our children's event, but God wasn't ready for that.  But God did answer our prayers!  He answered them in His way and in His time.

Friends, are you tired of praying?  Are you tired of asking God and not receiving the answer?  Pray until something happens.  There is power in prayer.  If you don't feel like God is answering, just keep on praying.  Keep on pushing.

Now my friends, how can I pray for you today?  I fully believe there is power in prayer and I want to pray for you.  If you have a prayer request, you can leave it in the comments below or you can email me at metzgersix@gmail.com.

Is there a time that you have experience the power of prayer?

Sweet Blessings~

To hear my mom's testimony more in depth, please visit her blog this week.

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  1. Oh Jenifer, there is absolutely power in prayer! When we petition our Heavenly Father, and establish that heartfelt connection with Him, all things become possible.

    I'm so happy to hear about Jeremy's recovery... Lisa mentioned it to me that day and I prayed for him as well. God is so good!!

    And praise God for Debi's healing as well! Such a loving, benevolent God we have!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Yes, there is power in prayer. Like you said it may not be answered the way we want or in the time frame we want but God answers them in His time. He is a 'knowing all God' and that means He knows when the time is right. I am so glad we have God in our lives. Thanks for sharing the miracles with us.

    Blessings to you.

  3. This is a great reminder for me today! The power comes from prayer;) Oswald Chambers said, "prayer doesn't getbyou ready for the work, it is the work." So true!!

  4. I can think of so many things that happened just after prayer. And, also, I can think of things that I have prayed for for years and they have not come to fruition. And yet, holding both, one does not negate the other and I am so grateful for the gift of faith!

    As a prayer warrior, would you like to be on the SDG prayer request list? I am just about to send out the prayer requests from the group and I know that these ladies would love prayer from you. Just let me know by email (jenfergie2000@me.com)

  5. I have been spending much time in prayer lately and I have seen God's hand in my life and in the lives of others around me. This is encouraging. Prayer not only shows that we need God, it also can change us. I know that not all prayers are answered with a "yes". We have had our shares of "no" as well and have been disappointed plenty of times too. Over time I have come to realize that I do not know what is best for me, but my God certainly does. I would rather be in His will, exactly where he wants me than anywhere else. Right now, as you know, we are waiting for an answer on where we will go next for my husbands job in the Airforce. We all would love to go to MacDill (we have prayed for this for about 16 years total) but we will be content to go where he wants us to go because we know that is where we are supposed to be. Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers!

  6. There is power in prayer - Amen! God's timing may be different that our and He may answer with a different solution, but He always answer and He always provides for His children.

  7. I love that God hears His children cry out to Him. He gives good gifts and He is always faithful.

  8. I, too, have had some incredible answers to prayer. I even wrote a blog yesterday morning on a miracle I received. Yet, sometimes prayers are not answered as we desire. That is where trust comes in.

  9. Jenifer,

    I too have seen some awesome answers to my prayers, absolutely there is power in prayer.
    Blessings to you Jenifer.

  10. When I was in Ukraine, alone, for 4 weeks during our adoption, I confessed to a friend that I could no longer pray, for it felt as if God had abandoned me. "Well you might not be able to pray, but I can certainly pray for you!"
    What would I have done without those prayers, and the prayers were asking for me to see God moving. Which on the way back, in the airport, I saw!

  11. Oh yes, I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. I wrote about it two years ago the day after Christmas when we received a Christmas miracle. Our little 2 year old grand son fell and almost died, God raised him up. God is so good, He is always right on time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Amen and Amen! There is power in prayer! I have witnessed many answered prayers, not just in my life, but in others as well. It is always a blessing to see God working in others' lives! Thank you for sharing!

    Be Blessed!


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