Monday, February 6, 2012

Game Nights and Ice Cream Dates

When you were dating you probably bragged to all your friends how great your guy was. Right? You told of all the wonderful things he did, how handsome he was, how strong he was, every chance you got, you told of his good qualities.

When we are dating, we can't wait to brag about our man. When we are married, often times the bragging turns to complaining. He didn't take out the trash, left his shoes out, hasn't taken you on a date and the list goes on and on. We are just as quick to complain to our friends as we were to brag back in the day.

To read more, join me at Woman to Woman Ministries for a Marriage Monday.

 Counting my 2012 blessings:

56. The brand new Woman to Woman Magazine.

57. My shipment of two wonderful new cds, The Loft Sessions by Bethel Music and Where I Find You by Kari Jobe.

58. An ice cream date with my hubby.

59. Birthday celebrations with my daughter and ice cream cake.

60. Going to the movies with my daughters and a friend.

61. Adult Game Night with our church family.

62. Seeing my daughter in her new ministry at church.

63. Finally being able to breath (somewhat) after having a head cold.

64. Lunch with friends.

65. Watching the Super Bowl with family.

66. Beams of sun that peak through the curtains in the early morning hours.

67. My nine year old son's witty answer when I asked him if he knew how electricity worked.  {nodding his head he said, "Pay your bill."}

68. How the dogs perk up in the morning as soon as they hear the voice of the sweet little girl who feeds them.

69. Connecting with another blogger via Facebook, and finding out that we live close to each other and that I used to go to church with her nephew.

70. Homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies {this is one my daughter wanted me to add, smiles}.

What are you praising God for today?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Awesome list sister :) love the idea of ice cream dates!!

  2. Love you list, Jenifer. Isn't it great to connect with people through blogging and Facebook? It has opened up a whole new world. :)

  3. I loved your list of blessings. Especially the one where you asked your son how electricity worked. That sounds like something my son would say. I have a feeling they would get along really well together. :)

  4. beautiful list. I liked the last one on chocolate chip cookies. Sounds good. Have a great week!

  5. We are neighbors at the Holy Experience link-up today. You write wisely that we should brag on our husbands as we did when they were our boyfriends/fiances. I make every effort to do that, as well; it's nice to find support here.

    Thanks for the music recommendations!

    May God pour more grace into the coming week and give you fresh eyes to see it. Lovely to meet you here today.


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