Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmm...

I had no plans to blog today, but in the Woman to Woman Morning Reflection group, one of the ladies asked a question that made me go "hmm."  A quick side note here, Woman to Woman Morning Reflections is a private group for women to go to for accountability in their walk with God.  If you are a woman and looking for accountability and encouragement, check it out!

The question posed was this:

What can you do to gain a deeper satisfaction 
in your relationship with Jesus?

What can I do to take my relationship with Christ to a deeper, more satisfying level?  I want, no I yearn, for my relationship with Jesus to be so passionate and intense.  I want to go deeper with Him each day.  I want His Spirit on me each and every moment of my life.  So how can I get that?

Jesus says in John 6:35, "I am the bread of Heaven.  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never go thirsty."  If we seek to be fulfilled by Him, we will never be hungry or thirsty.  It is when we seek to be satisfied by the things of this world than we are left wanting.  To take our relationship with Jesus to a deeper, more satisfying level, we must seek Him and Him alone.

We must also submit to His will each and every day.  Every moment of every day we are faced with choices.  While not all choices may be life changing, they can still be life changing as can affect our relationship with Jesus.  We can choose one way and be submitting to our human desires, lust of the eyes, lust of flesh and pride of life, or we can submit to God's will.  Submitting to our own desires most generally lead us down a path that may be well worn and comfortable, but leads to destruction.  Submitting to God's will may mean taking the path less traveled, and sometimes scary, but it leads to blessings, peace and adventure!

So friends, I ask you today, will you seek Jesus and Him alone?  Will you submit to His will?  What can you do to gain a deeper satisfaction in your relationship with Jesus?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. amen and yes I want to ! Thanks friend.

  2. What a great question. I agree wholeheartedly with your answer. I also desire that deep satisfying relationship with my Savior, the sweet lover of my soul.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Today, I tried to live my life truly by what He wanted me to do in every moment. That worked until about 1 pm and then I decided I really needed to knock off somethings on my to-do list. The day was still fine, but there was a level of unrest in my heart. Good thing that His mercies are new every morning and that I can seek peace following His every footstep tomorrow.


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