Friday, July 20, 2012


I am thirsty.

I am yearning for something.

I need to feel loved.

I need to be satisfied.

God is all I need.

God is enough for me.

Everything we need, everything we want, everything we could ever imagine, God is enough.  He satisfies us in ways we cannot begin to imagine.  Run to Him today.  Let Him satisfy you.  Let Him give you a "God hug."

Earlier in the year I was asked to review the e-book Yelling: The Cause The Casualty, The Cure, from Eternal Encouragement.  I have shared many times about my struggle with being a "yeller."  This book has definitely blessed me.  Lorrie helps you identify the triggers that cause you to yell and teaches you how to eliminate them.  She also gives you scripture to pray over yourself and teaches you how to take care of yourself physically.  Oh my friends, if you or someone you know struggle with yelling, this book is most definitely for you!

Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure, is now available at Amazon for Kindle!  The book is available on Tuesday, July 24th for FREE!  That's right!  If you have a Kindle, or have the Kindle app for your cell or computer, head over to Amazon on Tuesday and download the book for FREE.  Can't wait until Tuesday?  The normal price is a very affordable $4.99.

Also on Tuesday, July 24th, Eternal Encouragement is having a Facebook Party.  The topic they are discussing is yelling.  So on Tuesday, grab your coffee or sweet tea and sit down for some great discussion with friends.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. We only need the One!
    Thanks for visiting this morning.

  2. Amen, He is enough for me! And... I want that book! Thanks for posting the review, I need to put the 24th on my calendar! Have a blessed weekend Jenifer :)

  3. I love your honesty. I believe the beginning to Him being enough, is being real about our NOT being enough. You've done that here.

  4. We always say He is all we need. But you wonder if everything was taken away, would we still be able to say that? A good friend of mine just lost her husband, best friend of 35 years in a scuba diving accident. She is alone now, but not really alone. She said the other day, He is all she needs. He is there to help her through her grief, He is the one who is giving her incredible peace, and she still has the joy of Him. Incredible testimony! Yes, everything we need, we find in Him!

  5. I was thinking of this song all day yesterday! When it comes down to it He is all we need! He is all that truly matters!


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