Monday, July 9, 2012

Holiday Celebrations And More!

Please join me at Woman to Woman as we begin the second half of the Love Dare.

I have been listening to Mandisa's new song, Good Morning, a lot lately.  I've shared before that I am not a morning person but that God was teaching me to see each new day as His gift to me.  In this song Mandisa talks about just living in the moment and cherishing the gift God has given you.

So many times on Mondays we focus on the weekend being over, being tired, having to go back to work, and other negative things.  Instead we should wake up praising God for gift of a new week.  Today wake up singing Good Morning!

Continuing to count my blessings for 2012:

416. Watching my husband, dad, brother and friends play softball.

417. My new to me car.

418. Celebrating Independence Day with my family.

419. Delicious homegrown corn.

420. The freedoms I have in the United States of America.

421. Fireworks.

422. My brother's new job.

423. Baseball camp that my son begins today.

424. The leadership at my church that I am honored to work with.

425. The sponsors who help support this ministry.

426. End of season baseball celebrations with my son.

427. Watching the AllStar games with my boys.

428. A television channel that provides clean, wholesome entertainment for my family.

429. Seeing children worship God.

430. Children going to the altar.

431. Seeing Godly women take a stand against things that we should not see/read.

432. Sunday afternoon naps.

433. Taco burgers and laughter at dinner.

434. Peanut butter and chocolate pie.

435. Praising God in the morning time and having praises on my lips throughout the day.

What are you praising God for today?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. "my new to me car" Oh, we need one of those too! Great list, Jenifer

  2. fireworks and fresh corn. two things I really missed on the 4th. glad you could enjoy them! blessings from Uganda

  3. I love your list. Life would go so much easier if we always remembered to focus on the positive. Have a wonderful day!



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