Monday, January 28, 2013

Game Night & Birthdays

Money; necessary for living, but the cause of strain in many marriages.

When money is tight, we often struggle to pay bills, we worry, we stress and often it leads to arguments in the marriage.  When money is plenty, there are times we may disagree on how it is spent.  

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Counting more blessings.

891. Faith that God will carry us through.

892. A good report after a best friend went to the doctor.

893. The brand new Woman to Woman apparel: Living Out Titus 2 tee!

894. Winter Jam concert, always such a great time!

895. Seeing 20,000 people raise their hands and voices to God in worship.

896. My beautiful niece who celebrated her twentieth birthday yesterday.

897. My handsome nephew who celebrates his sixth birthday today.

898. Sunday evening game night with best friends.

899. Words of encouragement from my brother.

900. My accountability group that encourages me continually.

What are you praising God for today?  Comment below with five things you can thank Him for.

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  1. Funny how after all these centuries have passed since Bible times and money is still at the root of so much evil... arguments, ill-spent gain, on and on it goes.
    Hugs, Cindy


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