Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Week Heart Update

We are two weeks in to the new year.  Two weeks in to focusing on my heart.

This is about the week that most new year's resolutions fly out the window.  The time when a lot of people just give up.  We fail once and think it's over, why keep trying.  However, we need to persevere.  We need to, as the saying goes, get back on the horse!

This year I chose the word heart to be my focus.  I want a heart that mirrors God's.  How am I doing so far, two weeks in?  There are days when I can see that I am mirroring my Father.  And there are days I can clearly see I am not.

Last Wednesday at church, God spoke to me.  He was giving me a message, a message to share with my church.  I desperately want to shrink back and not share it.  It is easy to talk to the kids in our children's ministry.  It is easy to talk to you through this computer screen.  But put me in front of a room full of adults and well, it isn't pretty.  But when I think about Jesus, He didn't shrink back.  He was bold.  He went about sharing His message with everyone.  He was obedient when the Father sent Him to the cross.  If I want a heart that mirrors Him, I am going to have to share this message.  {I have said yes to Him so now please say a prayer for me as I speak this week?}

When I am driving, that is when I seem to struggle the most.  I am a very slow driver.  My family tells me I drive like I am 85 years old.  {smiles}  Driving is not my favorite thing to do at all.  I do not like rude drivers that think it is okay to cut people off, speed ridiculously, or disobey other traffic laws.  I do not like drivers that think they need to get very close behind and 'push' me along.  I do not like the careless drivers around me.  I take my family out on the road and I shouldn't have to fear for our lives because the car driving next to me will not put down their cell phone or mascara tube.  So when I am driving I tend to be a little...ah hem...rude.  If I see a person driving careless I will yell, and no they cannot hear me, I know this.  This is an area that I am learning, slowly mind you, to turn over to God.  I want to mirror Him in all things and if God were down here driving I am not sure He would be yelling at the car riding His bumper or the car flying past twenty miles over the speed limit.

I want a heart like Jesus and it is taking time, I am thankful I still have fifty more weeks to focus on this.  {smiles}

How about you?  Does your heart look like God's?  Where do you struggle to look like Him?

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  1. Jenifer, me seeing you since you were a baby you always seemed to have the heart of Jesus. I know there are things you have probably said or done that I don't know about but you ALWAYS seemed to be the one with the right heart.

    Blessings to you and love you.

  2. Thank you Mamaw, @Deane. I love you too!

  3. I am doing better than I was before I chose my word...but not great... Still pushing forward though...and after a discussion with hubby, I need to change some things in my game plan...so I am thinking that January should have its own four words..."Work Out The Kinks!" ;)
    My blog posting on my OneWord update:

  4. Hillary, I LOVE that: so I am thinking that January should have its own four words..."Work Out The Kinks!" :)

  5. Great thoughts, Jenifer. We certainly are works in progress. The Lord has also been working on my heart via my one word this year!

  6. Sounds like you are making good imperfect progress. Keep up the good work.

  7. No, I'm sure my heart does not always mirror God's heart, but like you, I do try everyday to have His attitude toward others and towards life's challenges.
    My word is "gratitude", I have been struggling with that one this past year. Our car is aging and beginning to need repair and we cannot afford to replace it and I have really been struggling with being grateful when I see those around me, in our church and otherwise, who not only drive new vehicles, but very expensive vehicles. Sometimes I get tired of the struggle to keep our heads above water and I just feel ungrateful. I've been unsuccessful in finding part time work and I know that my attitude does not mirror God's heart, so, like you Jenifer, I continue to try...


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