Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Praises

The mind can be a strange, funny and powerful thing.  In the stillness of the night minds wander.  Satan's whispers as he lies to us replay over and over in minds.

Thoughts race through our husband's mind daily.  To read more please join me at Woman to Woman for Marriage Monday. 

931. A roof over my family during a major snow storm.

932. Warmth.

933. A couple of days of rest during sickness.

934. Nyquil to help me sleep through the sickness.

935. My husband trudging out to get me soup even when he doesn't feel great.

936. Safety for my daughter during a basketball tournament trip.

937. Technology that kept us connected as she was away.

938. Dinner and games with great friends.

939. Lunch with family.

940. The many birthday wishes.

941. My incredible church family.

942. Singing silly songs with the preschoolers at church.

943. Hearing of the children from church singing our worship songs at home.

944. Listening to music that makes me want to worship.

945. My son saying, after hearing that Satan does not like our prayers, that he is going to pray "lots of times each day."

God is wonderful and deserves our praise.  How are you praising Him today?  Please comment below with five things.

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