Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Praises & Giveaway

There are many things in this world that can bring us fear.  Big, life altering things cause us fear.  Small, insignificant things also can cause us fear.  This weekend I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about her husband's fear.  He is a very big and very strong man, yet something as small as a spider frightens him.  There are many things to cause fear and everyone has, at least at some point, has struggled with a fear.

Common fears of men include:
  • Will I be a good husband?
  • Will I be a good father?
To continue reading, please go to Woman to Woman for Marriage Monday.

Continuing to count all the ways God is good to me.

946. Finally having a healthy family over the nasty colds and flu that continued to run through our home.

947. Safety from yet another major snow storm.

948. The beauty of the snow {from inside my home, smiles}.

949. My wonderful parents bringing my husband and I a soda in their big truck when we were snowed in.

950. My wonderful parents driving us to the polls to vote when we were snowed in.

951. Husband and sons spending an entire afternoon shoveling our driveway.

952. Safe travels for a weekend away.

953. A incredible, refreshing, and uplifting time away to a women in ministry retreat.

954. God's beautiful touch.

955. Over 100 women arms lifted, tears streaming down their faces, praising God.

956. Connecting, laughing with, praying with, and shedding many tears with my mom {who also happens to be my pastor} and my dear friend who is our youth pastor.

957. Connecting with so many precious women of God.

958. My incredible husband taking care of the kids and home as I was gone.

959. Coming home to a spotless house, spotless car, oil change for my car, beautiful rose and new pillow.

960. Having Overhauling Kids {our church's children's ministry} in the adult sanctuary on Sunday.

961. Hearing my husband preach to not only the kids but to all.

962. The incredible things God is doing.

What are you praising God for?  Please comment telling me five things you are thanking Him for right now.

Review & Giveaway:
My daughter was first introduced to Veggie Tales at only a few months old.  She was hooked from the first glance!  Fifteen years later and Veggie Tales is still a family favorite!  Veggie Tales has a new movie, The Little House that Stood.  As with previous Veggie Tales, it's a hit in our home!  

Abel's Field is a new faith based movie about a high school teen who loses his mother to tragedy and father through abandonment and is left to take care of his little sisters.  He faces many struggles and bullying.  Then Abel, played by the famous Kevin Sorbo, steps in and helps show the teen the way.  This movie is inspiring and entertaining.

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  1. Fear ruled me for several years after my house burnt down when I was still a child. But God's word came to me at a very important time and took my fears away. Thank the Lord for His word and His never failing love.
    Hugs, Cindy


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