Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Family reunions typically mean family pictures.  At least in our family.  No matter the size or date of the gathering, families will line up for pictures with Grandma, siblings pile in together, and so on.  We love family pictures.
As we watch a slide show of family pictures flash across the screen, she says, “Look at me, I am so fat,” and “Oh I hate that picture of me!”  My heart breaks.  To continue reading, please join me at Whatever Girls!

When a child gets a toy, often they will mark that toy somehow so that everyone knows it is theirs.  My youngest did this with many things.  Toys, books and countless other things have his name or the letter 'Z' on them letting his siblings know it is his.

This marking is an outward cymbal showing ownership.

When we ask Jesus into our heart and make Him the Lord and Savior of our life we become His.  The outward showing of this ownership to Him should come in the form of our actions, our words, our character and our integrity.

Do your actions, words, character and integrity show that you belong to the King?


  1. Love that ananlogy Jennifer. I think so many times belivers in Christ forget that our life is theonly testimony many will see of Jesus. So thankful I am his and he is mine. I so want my life to exemplify that. BLessings!

  2. I agree with Patty's comment. Our actions are definitely the testimony that will live long after our words.

  3. What a sweet picture - I will always think of this when I see Toy Story now.

    Linking up from Hear it on a Sunday Use it on a Monday. Love your blog. Blessings.


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