Monday, April 22, 2013

Proud Mama Alert!

A good reputation is a fragile thing, especially in this day of rapid communication and mass media.  A reputation is something to never take lightly, but something to guard.  A reputation can be ruined simply by something said out of anger, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or by the people who we are associated with.

We must take care of our reputation.  Treated it with delicacy, living with integrity.  To continue reading, please head over to Woman to Woman Ministries.

Counting blessings again this week...

1035. Bedtime reading as I sit next to my husband.

1036. Baseball practice beginning for my boys.  I love watching them play!

1037. My precious kids in my class at church and watching them praise Jesus.

1038. Lemon/cucumber water.

1039. Lunch with my nephew at his school.  I love eating lunch with my niece and nephews at their schools.

1040. A safe trip for my daughter going out of town for the weekend.

1041. My son having the opportunity to see a Nascar race with his friend.

1042. Wedding plans with my sister.

1043. Lunch with the family after church.

1044. Finding out the newest member of our family will be a new nephew!

1045. My daughter getting such high marks in photography for her very first state Fine Arts Festival!  She cried, and this proud mama cried!

1046. Her invitation to attend National Fine Arts Festival this summer.  Have I said that this mama is so proud!?

1047. Praise music that helps me feel God's presence all around me. 

Please share your blessings with me.  What are you praising God for today?  Comment below with five things you thank Him for.

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