Friday, April 19, 2013

eMeals App? Yes Please!

eMeals is at it again!  They now have an iphone app!  Have your meals and lists at your finger tips!  No more printing your lists or writing it down, just tap on your screen and there it is!

While shopping just open your eMeals app and follow along.  Plus, you can track extra items you purpchase, mark out items you do not purchase, and take a glance at the cooking instructions.  I love that feature.  There have been times I have bought all of the ingredients but did not realize how long it took to make something and I didn't have the time that week.  No more guess work with eMeals mobile app!

To get eMeals mobile, click HERE!

To order eMeals, click HERE!

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite eMeals meal?

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