Monday, May 13, 2013

Emotions Running Wild

We were not meant to do this life alone.  God intended for us to have others to lean on.  We need those who can lift us up, pray with us, pray for us and encourage us.  Being good friends with Godly people doesn't just happen by chance.  We must pray that such people will come into our lives.  And then when we find them, we should continue to cover the relationship in prayer.

For a long time I felt as though I didn't need friends. To continue reading, please click here to head to Woman to Woman Ministries.

This past week and weekend have been very busy and full of tears.  Tears of joy, tears of sadness and tears of just being tired.  Through it all I will count my blessings...

1056. The great privilege to guest speak on my dear friend's blog talk radio program.

1057.  Sunny days after many days of rain.

1058.  Meeting new extended family and getting to know them.

1059.  Watching my baby sister marry her best friend. {here come the tears again!}

1060.  Watching my husband perform his first wedding ceremony.  I am so proud of him.

1061.  Watching all of my children and nieces and nephews perform special roles in their aunt's wedding day.

1062.  Watching my son as a groomsman.  He is growing up so quickly.

1063.  Watching my daughter as the maid of honor.  Such a privilege this was for her.

1064.  All of the special ways my grandpa was included in the wedding ceremony {he is no longer with us}.  The most precious being, a heart was cut out of a pair of his jeans and sewn into my sister's wedding dress.

1065.  Fun times taking wedding pictures.

1066.  Celebrating Mother's Day at church and with family.

1067.  My wonderful Mother.  I could not have asked for a better mom and friend.

1068.  My wonderful Mamaw.  I am the most blessed granddaughter there is.

1069.  My four blessings from heaven who allow me to celebrate Mother's Day.

1070.  A relaxing Sunday night at home after a busy, emotional week.

1071.  Snuggling up with my husband and watching our own wedding video.

1072.  Hearing my kids "ooh and aah" and giggle over our wedding video.

1073.  Sleeping in just a bit on a Monday morning.

1074.  Another day to count my blessings.

I love hearing of your blessings.  Please comment below with five things you are praising God for.

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  1. I am thankful for each of the things you listed today. And, yes...the tears flowed again. They are getting less frequent, but still coming. {*smiles*}

  2. Awesome Jenifer. I too had a lot of laughter with my husband yesterday. Five things I am thankful for: hmmm. there are so many:
    1. New job for my daughter for when she finished beauty school
    2. another daughter got accepted for an internship this summer
    3. all my kids blessed me yesterday with their sweet words
    4. daily messages from friends old and new on a countday of 60 days before my 60th birthday!
    5. My sister worked hard to help my mom get moved.

    God, I praise You! Blessings, Amy

  3. We all need friends, Jenifer, when I was a Pastor's wife, I found that it was not easy to have a close friend. It took me years to find friends. We need Christian women who will come around us and pray for us and we can pray for them. God has given me a wonderful group of ladies in the church that we attend, it's a joy to laugh and pray with them.
    Hugs, Cindy


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