Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get Off Your High Horse

This week as I was browsing my newsfeed on Facebook, one of my Facebook buds and fellow pastor's wife had this to say:
Sometimes as Christians I think people get on a spiritual high horse and see themselves as better than others. We just need to love people, love sinners, because all of use are sinners saved by grace. People won't be as likely to turn to Jesus if they feel constantly condemned and unloved!

Oh how I love this! Too often I see Christians condemning others for what they do and say or how they live their life. Our words and our attitudes toward them will do nothing to push them to Christ. All we can do is love. One little four letter word hold much power. Love.

This life, our words, our service, our actions, they mean nothing without love. Nothing. We can be servants all day long but if we are not serving with love, what does it mean? We can be successful in all we do, but if we are not doing it in love what does it mean?

I want my life to reflect love. The love of The One who first loved me so much He laid down His life for me. I want to love the believer, the unbeliever, the one who smells like roses, the one who needs a shower, the one who loves me, the one who hurts me. I want to love all with the love of my Father.

I challenge you, show love. Despite what someone does or says to you. Despite what you believe of how they live. Just show love. Pure love that comes  from Christ.


  1. amen Jenifer, i really struggle with those that profess Jesus and then look down their noses and critize others instead of loving the way Jesus does.

  2. Dear Jenifer
    I heard something on the radio today that made a deep impression on me. The person said that we should be so careful of letting our light shine for Jesus in such a way that it shines in another person's eyes so brightly that they squint and look away from Jesus!
    Much love XX

  3. So true, we need to be the nicest and most polite people anyone sees in their stores, their gas bars or on their streets. God is love and if we aren't "love" then we are not like Christ, are we.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. No more criticism ... only love.

    I would love to see other moms splashed as well. We could use your ideas. Your tips. Your stories. Your photos. Your anything mom.

    I compose some notes on Monday. I get the momma schedules. So hop over any day of the week (think link up whenever it works best for you) and join us. Real moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a momma melody.

    Splashin' Momma,


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